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GEOCISA has extensive experience in carrying out micropiles, with the right equipment for working in open ground or on sites with reduced head room. We have rigs that can access any location, and drill with casing if required (Odex, Symmetrix, Deps, etc.).

We have rigs for rotary boring or rotary-percussion systems with top-hammer drills or down-the-hole (DTH) hammers, with a broad range of bore diameters:

  • Conventional micropiles: diameters up to 200 mm.
  • Large-diameter micropiles: diameters between 200 and 400 mm..

For large diameter micropiles, GEOCISA uses Ingersoll Rand T-4 equipment for large diameters and great depths, with high production rates. With these rigs we have built micropiles with safe working loads of up to 5 MN.
GEOCISA carries out self-drilling micropiles, using top-hammer rotary percussive rigs. Depending on the project, self-drilling micropiles can often be used as a cost-effective solution, particularly in unstable ground, where temporary casing would have to be employed. GEOCISA has a wide range of hammers that adapt to any diameter.

GEOCISA also carries carries out both pressure grouted (PG) micropiles and selective pressure grouted (SPG) micropiles, where the ground conditions and project require. We also carry out soil reinforcement projects with SPG steel sleeve port pipes.