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Big cities, and the needs that they generate, require greater surface areas and the more efficient use of the available terrain. Similarly, transport needs, the development and use of new sources of energy or new concepts in the building sector, to name a few examples, call for require the use of ground that does not always have the required characteristics, and need to be improved.

GEOCISA is a company specialised in grounding improvement and has developed and implemented the most innovative techniques in this field. Our specialised technical staff, experts in treatments of this kind, in cooperation with our machinery yard, have developed instrumentation and software to monitor, record and analyse the construction process in each and every technique that we apply.

In GEOCISA, a benchmark company when it comes to ground improvement, we provide our clients with the full technical capabilities of our ENGINEERING department, thereby ensuring that the optimum solution is always found for any situation.

GEOCISA’s goal is to provide an integral solution to our clients’ needs in the field of ground improvement, taking an active part in all facets of the project (design, control and construction), and providing the highest quality products based on reliable, appropriate and cost-effective solutions.