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Developing and implementing quality plans


In general terms, construction works should include an appropriate quality control plan to ensure quality can be properly checked while complying with all regulations in force.

Before beginning any on-site quality control work, GEOCISA makes sure it has the appropriate Specific Quality Control Plan, in accordance with the project documentation and following the indications of the Project Manager. This programme of indicative tests includes the methodology for monitoring each unit of work and the materials involved.

While works are being carried out, this programme can be modified by the Project Manager, if deemed necessary.

Once the monitoring programme has been approved by the Project Manager, it is implemented in line with the pace of the building works as they progress.

The quality control programme for the project should include the following tasks:

• Inspecting materials stockpiled on site, including sampling and testing, to check the characteristics are as required by the Particular Conditions specifications document and the applicable regulatory standards.
• Conducting theoretical or practical studies (depending on the volume of the work units or the safety involved) and/or tests to check concrete dosage, etc., or work formulas, as appropriate.
• Systematic and repetitive sampling and testing of materials used to check for quality and homogeneity with the frequency as established in the Quality Control Programme or as determined by the Chief Works Engineer.
• Proposing general measures aimed at improving the quality of the works and their application, provided they are approved by the Project Manager