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GEOCISA has longstanding experience in quality control and technical assistance for monitoring and supervision of works involving large infrastructures. The depth of experience accumulated in geotechnical studies, the availability of company laboratories and engineering departments of all kinds (geotechnical, structures, environmental, instrumentation and auscultation, etc.), comprehensive AENOR-certified quality assurance systems, and the significant wealth of human and material resources (which mean that every aspect of a tender can be addressed using our own staff and means) are all clear examples of the company’s suitability for tackling works of this kind.

Added to this capacity is the company’s commitment to the development and ongoing implementation, project after project, of specific new IT tools to monitor and supervise works, implemented and contrasted with those of different public administrations, which give GEOCISA easy control over the large amounts of information generated and the availability and process in real time of the works data obtained. Independently, we provide our clients with the chance to supervise and/or monitor works in the various different stages of execution. GEOCISA provides these services by installing on-site laboratories, which allow for total functionality, as they form a fully integrated part of the works. The services included can be applied to all segments where we operate, and include all the different disciplines involved in construction projects, from the very beginning right through to final handover.