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Conservation and operation of infrastructures


The aim of conservation is to ensure the infrastructure is maintained in the best possible condition.

GEOCISA supervises and monitors the state of conservation of the road for the organisation responsible for its maintenance, whether through the concessionaire or or contracted by the public authorities. GEOCISA has the necessary means to ensure supervision of highway maintenance tasks and conservation operations, and has a wide range of inspection equipment which when needed can obtain precise data on the state of conservation of the infrastructure. The data is used to produce reports and summaries of the main indicators and operation details, which are all passed on to the highway operator.

The activities that GEOCISAundertakes include:

• Supervising highway winter maintenanceplans.
• We compile status indicators reports, with capacity for comprehensive data collection, including road inspection.
• Highway supervision, with 24-hour service.
• Supervision and control of pavement rehabilitation works.
• Generating documentation with graphic support, either photographic or video.
• Producing infrastructure status reports.
• Producing reports and drawing up proposals for highway safety preventive measures and mitigating measures within the public highways domain.
• Legal advice for resolving conflicts and administrative issues relating to highways operations.