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Infrastructure construction


GEOCISA has longstanding experience in civil engineering, a field of expertise in which it operates successfully from the very beginning.

GEOCISA provides civil engineering solutions for all kinds of infrastructures, in each case adapted to the client’s needs and to integrating the projects into their environment. The company provides the necessary controls and monitoring to ensure works are executed properly, with a commitment to the client in terms of ensuring full compliance of the project up to completion and handover.

The main areas of activity in this sector are:

Transport Infrastructures:
• Road: Major roads such as highways and motorways, bypass road designs, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing road, pavement reconditioning, etc.
• Rail: High-speed lines, conventional lines, local lines, metro lines, trams, including assembly, installations and electrification.

Hydraulic Infrastructures: Dams, weirs, distribution networks, reservoirs, drinking water stations, sewerage networks, Rain- and wastewater treatment plants, storm tanks and irrigation systems.

Maritime Infrastructures: Docks, wharves, dykes, distribution areas, berths, dredging, underwater outfalls.