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Hydrological Resources Evalution Studies.


The correct exploitation of an aquifer is based on a suitable assessment, establishing the balance that will ensure its sustainability. If this were not the case, the useful life of the resource needs to be determined in order to foresee and avoid depletion. On the other hand, unfounded restrictions reduce and strangle the growth and economic development of an activity or place, which is why knowledge of what is there and how it needs to be managed is essential.

At a local scale, uncontrolled extractions of intake can lead to over-exploitation, mixtures of water and contamination or altered characteristics, or simply to a loss and eventual disappearance of the resource.

Whether at one scale or another, we conduct studies to establish the limits of exploitation, including when extractions by other authorised users are involved, thus avoiding conflicts due to the mutual impact caused by different users. The technical justification of an extraction, furthermore, is also required to obtain the necessary administrative permits.

The forecast studies that we conduct of an aquifer’s useful life are a requirement before a particular investment is made, as a supply needs to be ensured and its durability determined before the project can begin. We conduct these studies for implementing irrigation systems, industrial plants, urban water supplies, spas or any activity that needs information on the sustainability of the water to be exploited.