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Hydrological Models


Modern hydrogeology is not approached these days without the help of computerised hydrogeological simulation modelling, the multiple variables of which can be used to assess the result or incidence of any hydrogeological intervention.

Simulation models allow for a much more accurate assessment of the environment’s response, by making the necessary variables intervene to ensure proper planning for a particular project, exploitation of a resource or hydrogeological protection.

Used in civil engineering, construction, exploiting hydrogeological resources, hydraulic works, mining and environmental works, hydrogeological modelling is an essential tool used to meet the various challenges faced in the sector.

Using state-of-the-art models models, we define the overexploitation of the phreatic level or the water injected into the subsoil, forecast the behaviour of a drainage or the impact that it might have on an aquifer, assess the reach and dispersion of a pollutant by tracing its routes of migration, establish or optimise a pump field, calculate the sustainability of extracting a subterranean resource, predict the response to the presence of containment barriers, analyse the interaction of pumping with the ecological flow of a river or the evolution of a saline intrusion, study the impact between pumping sessions in the event of disputes, etc.