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Acuifer Protection


The environmental damage suffered by subterranean waters, either by contamination or by over-exploitation, has shown to have serious implications on human health and on the integrity of ecosystems, in such a way that out of sheer need a growing sensibility has emerged with regard to protecting aquifers. This need translates in our case into conviction, hard work and experience in the comprehensive protection, in terms of both quantity and quality, of hydrogeological resources.

We work on all facets relating to the environmental diagnosis of aquifers, determining their status, the type of contaminant, the extent of the impact, the location of focal points and the forecast for dispersion, with forecasts via modelling and risk assessment for populations and ecosystems. We also propose corrective solutions when necessary.

In installation projects where there is a danger of contamination of the subsoil, we define preventive measures using drainage and active or passive barriers, establishing suitable aquifer monitoring protocols.

If the impact occurs as a result of or also because of over-exploitation, we provide solutions with resource management, optimising and improving extractions or recharging the aquifer. On occasions, recharging an aquifer is not just an environmental, strategy; it may also be the solution and the alternative to a discharge, such as injecting surface rainwater or lowering the phreatic level, in which we also have considerable experience.