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Impermeabilizations and Sealings


We provide engineering services in this area, based on the experience of a large number of injection works carried out particularly on tunnels and dams, with various techniques and materials, depending on the situation and the purpose.

As engineering, we define sealing solutions in all kinds of excavations and subterranean spaces, as well as in the environmental field, with waterproofing barriers to protect soils and waters, or to confine waste or contaminated areas.

When needed we produce computerised modelling to reproduce the evolution and effectiveness of a seal in execution, depending on the intake recorded and the monitoring in place for flows or levels, calculating the degree of waterproofing achieved and when the treatment will be completed. At other times we create models to determine filtration paths through damaged elements, such as screens, using data and observations obtained by field testing, using hydrogeological tracers.

Sealing bore holes, due either to abatements that have come to an end or to emerging bore holes that need to be plugged, can sometimes be complex operations. The company, having worked on the design for sealing several bore holes with a powerful flow of very hot spring water and with major hydraulic discharge pressure, or sealing bore holes from oilexploration work, has significant experience in this area.