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The need to occupy subterranean spaces and excavation works are increasingly frequent, which means that lowering the phreatic level or drainage, whether temporary or definitive, are needs in high demand.

GEOCISA designs plans to lower the phreatic level and for drainage, taking the needs of the project or works into account, as well as the surrounding conditions, whether natural or imposed, avoiding lowering the level beyond the site as much as possible to avoid the potential pathologies to develop.

Using computer simulation tools, we ensure the level is lowered as required, on time and minimising the off-site extent of any abatements and water levels to be extracted, with the subsequent energy and economic savings, with a system that is optimised to be fully effective. We have also on occasions designed solutions to re-inject water pumped into the aquifer for environmental or logistical reasons.

The lowering and drainage solutions we design are used in subterranean excavations (basements, parking areas, tunnels and excavations in general), stabilising slopes from cleared land, to prevent uplift-pressures under flagstones or embankments, etc. Some studies are for projects that do not involve construction work, and in others we work under existing elements, such as underground deposits or industrial plants, among others.

Finally, and given that we also carry out lowering and drainage works themselves, our expertise is enriched by the experience of understanding the real behaviour of the work being carried out.