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Environmental Corrections


GEOCISA has longstanding experience in executing environmental impact correction projects. It was one of the first companies in Spain to conduct studies of this kind, which helped the company to advance and make the leap to implementing projects building on its experience in environmental engineering.

We have plenty of experience in executing environmental correction works, based on:

  • Ourown engineering designs and solutions (turnkey projects).
  • Pre-existing projects, to which we add value through improvements and optimising processes based on our experience.

We execute major works of significant environmental importance, complemented by other highly experienced GEOCISA departments (geotechnics, hydrogeology, ground treatments, laboratory) and by a full fleet of machinery with specialist equipment using the latest technologies.

We also carry out the following types of works:

  • Waste treatment and elimination projects (transfer, classification and treatment plants, and controlled disposal sites).
  • Treating and managing contaminated dredging sludge and waste.
  • Regenerating degraded spaces, with plantations, reforestation and measures taken to treat riverbeds and reservoirs.
  • Biogas capture and utilisation.
  • Measures for confinement, preventing leaks or remediating spaces affected by waste.
  • Appraising, treating, eliminating and treating urban, industrial, dangerous waste, including radioactive.