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Water and Soil Decontamination


Poor waste management, the improper functioning of installations or accidents from the storage of raw materials and products can lead to pollutants reaching soils and even subterranean waters, causing serious environmental damage.

With considerable experience in engineering associated with finding solutions to solve contamination issues in soils and subterranean waters, the GEOCISA technical team provides services in all the necessary stages to ensure the environmental recovery of the subsoil:

  • Defining target levels, which are needed to quantify the level of admissible impact at a particular site.
  • Study of soil remediation alternatives, from a technical/environmental and a economical point of view, to determine the technically most appropriate corrective measures to be applied, without losing sight of the financial and feasibility aspects of the project.
  • Design and implementation of pilot tests to optimise a treatment, as tests of this kind help to weigh up and improve on the chosen corrective measures.
  • Planning of the decontamination project, including detailed description of the works and installations needed, optimal operating conditions, security measures, monitoring and follow-up plan, and all execution costs and timeframes.
  • Finally, certification of soil quality.