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Soil and Water characterization


As a leading company in the field of environmental engineering, GEOCISA has always adapted its services to new needs and to the demand of businesses and public administrations, paying particular attention since 1988 to solving problems relating to the environmental quality of soils and subterranean waters.

To that end the company employs a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized professionals from different backgrounds, including chemists, biologists and geologists, together with one of the largest fleets of machinery in Spain, which together with the company’s chemical and environmental analysis laboratories means we provide a comprehensive and immediate service.

Thus, in compliance with the locally applicable regulations, GEOCISA provides the following services:

  • Soil and subterranean water inspection.
  • Base reports on soils and subterranean waters, in terms of integrated environmental authorizations.
  • Drawing up preliminary soil status reports.
  • Design and implementation of soil and subterranean water sampling plans.
  • Investigating the quality of soils and subterranean waters, drawing up of custom reports as requested by the appropriate authorities: exploratory investigation, detailed research, complementary reporting on analytical characterization, etc.
  • Environmental risk assessment, conducting quantitative risk analyses on human health and ecosystems.
  • Designing and developing security and monitoring plans for piezometric networks.
  • In situ readings of different composites present in the subsoil: metals (with portable XRF-analysers), volatile organic compounds (using portable photo ionizers) and hydrocarbons (using different tools, such as PetroFLAG, a portable gas chromatograph) and collecting gas samples.
  • Sediment characterization.
  • Modelling pollutant dispersion, both in subterranean flow and in the atmosphere.