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Soil decontamination


As one of the first companies in Spain to work in this field, GEOCISA has worked on numerous projects that involve the classification and diagnosis of contaminated sites. Over time, our expertise has evolved from diagnostic work to incorporating remediation measures for the cleaning of contaminated sites. We employ a variety of techniques that remove the contaminants and allow the soil to recover and are capable of employing ‘in situ’ or ‘ex situ’ methods.

GEOCISA is capable of providing the following decontaminating services and techniques:

  • Subsoil Removal and treatment for
    • Gases and vapours.
    • Water and free-phase material.
  • Biodegradation, Bioremediation and Phytoremediation treatments.
  • Thermal desorption-based soil decontamination.
  • Descontaminación de los suelos mediante lavado
  • GEOCISA can also propose solutions for the containment, stabilization and sealing of contaminated sites.