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Construction Control


GEOCISA has considerable experience in providing consultancy and technical assistance for work of this kind, particularly for large public works in major cities. These include:

• The extension the Metro subway in Madrid since 1995.
• The M-30 highway integrated remodelling plan
• The construction of the Line 1 of the Metro in Seville.
• Tunnelling works for the high-speed rail link between the Atocha and Chamartin stations.
• Construction of the high-speed rail line between Alicante and Murcia.
• Maintenance works on the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed railway line.
• Perthus tunnel maintenance on the Figueras-Perpignan high-speed railway line.

When carrying out certain works (tunnelling, diaphragm walls, embankments, piling, dewatering) it is essential to consider the influence that the works may have on the surrounding environment, particularly in urban areas. Therefore, before beginning any work, it is essential to conduct a structural study and also pre-surveying reports in the buildings within the area of influence of the works.