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Dam Monitoring


For over 20 years, GEOCISA has specialised in designing and installing monitoring systems and instrumentation specifically for dams and reservoirs. We have a broad range of instrumentation devices that are specifically designed to handle the various problems found in dams. GEOCISA also has considerable experience in providing technical control for this kind of instrumentation as well as offering the related data analysis and maintenance services.

GEOCISA installs automatic data acquisition systems and also has developed new instrumentation systems for dam monitoring.

The technical team at GEOCISA are experts in implementing monitoring systems and in-house design Projects that are in keeping with the directives set by the client. We bring the added value of a Company with considerable human and technical resources and offer a monitoring service for all of the systems that are implemented including monitoring reports and data analysis.

At the forefront of technological advances in the field, GEOCISA is one of the leading Companies for automatic dam monitoring data capture and management systems and has the capacity to carry out periodic updates for all of the equipment used.

GEOCISA also develops software for the technical control and monitoring of works as well as management software that can be applied to any area of construction or public work (in particular, the ”Integral Dam Control System”, also known as SICOPRE, is an advanced software tool for monitoring and controlling various parameters that govern the behaviour of a dam.