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Whether applied to construction, the environment, mining or the operation and management of hydrogeological resources, GEOCISA has a huge experience delivering hydrogeology projects at varying stages of the process. (i.e. study and design, construction, operation, testing and monitoring).

GEOCISA operates in all areas of applied hydrogeology and can provide solutions in civil engineering, construction and mining projects. We work to ensure the environmental protection of aquifers and locate and optimise subterranean water for any use. We have a proven track record in mineral, mineral-medicinal and spa waters for spa resorts and bottlers. GEOCISA is concerned with sustainability and the use of hydrogeological resources and can advise both water users and managers. We conduct hydrogeological studies to determine the pathology of monuments and buildings in general.

As GEOCISA has its own water and soil laboratory, radiochemical laboratory and a full inventory of machinery (including a range of drilling and injection equipment) we are at a great advantage with regard to hydrogeological studies as we have all the necessary resources at our disposal.

By being involved continually and simultaneously in all the stages of design and construction, GEOCISA has established a process of constant interaction and continual improvement in the area of hydrogeology.