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Environmental Protection


Since the early development of environmental engineering, GEOCISA has occupied a prominent position in this area and has pioneered the use of certain environmental technologies with the use of select high-tech resources and specialised equipment for environmental remediation.

GEOCISA has its own laboratory that specialises in environmental and radiochemical studies and also has a full inventory of plant and equipment. We are therefore fully equipped to carry out a range of studies into waste, contaminated soils, waters and atmospheres for audits or environmental characterisation studies as well as for projects that focus on the subsequent recovery of environmentally degraded spaces.

We design and provide technical assistance in the construction and management of dumps and other waste deposits. We define solutions for sealing or encapsulating areas contaminated by spillages or the accumulation of waste. We study regeneration solutions in terms of forestry repopulation or replanting slopes. We also conduct environmental impact studies and provide assistance in environmental declaration procedures, environmental risk analysis and environmental integrations and we undertake environmental controls and surveillance work.

Geocisa is committed to helping restore damaged or degraded areas to cleaner, more beautiful and healthier environments.