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Geotechnics and applied Geology


Since its beginnings as a Company specialising in ground engineering, GEOCISA has carried out countless geotechnical studies for a number of important construction projects. We have consistently been able to provide a comprehensive service in this area as our organisation includes an excellent construction laboratory and its own plant and equipment. GEOCISA also has substantial experience in project execution, quality control and the monitoring of geotechnical works. Subsequently, when applying our expertise to different construction projects, we have a direct and continual connection between the engineering branch of our organisation and the response and behaviour of the terrain on site. GEOCISA has specialists in a wide range of disciplines within the field of geotechnics, including works in the full range in the geotechnical field: land infrastructures, hydraulic works on land, maritime works, airports, buildings and industrial plants. We analyse the conditions for each project by defining foundations, slopes, excavations, drainage and embankments and provide constructive solutions based on our findings. We can study pathologies in buildings or monuments and design solutions to improve and treat the ground, by using conventional or advanced techniques, and also provide technical assistance and conduct monitoring and execution controls. GEOCISA also performs applied geology studies with prospective assessments of the materials available for civil engineering, construction or mining projects.