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Grouting treatment in dams


GEOCISA is one of the most experienced companies in Spain in ground treatments in dams, both during the construction stage and for maintenance and repair works.

In the construction stage, GEOCISA produces slurry trench cut-off walls, using either cement-bentonite or plastic concrete, and provides slope stabilisation treatments, foundation grouting by conventional or GIN methods, etc.

GEOCISA also conducts drilling in all kinds of dams, for pendulums, drainage, repairs to the body of dams, and carries out grouting works of all kinds.

For old embankment dams with water seepage under the foundation, GEOCISA has extensive experience in building slurry trench cut-off walls through the body of the dam.

For over 40 years, GEOCISA has led the way in works of this type, always at the forefront using the most up to date technology available.