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Port and off-shore works


GEOCISA has extensive experience, accumulated over many years, of working on port projects, both on land and off-shore.

On land, GEOCISA is the only company in Spain that has been able to carry out diaphragm walls in ports with rock fill, using the preparatory self-hardening slutty wall technique. The company also has extensive experience of piling and micropiling in these ground conditions. GEOCISA has also carried out different ground improvement techniques in port projects (stone columns, preloading, dynamic compaction, jet grouting, grouting, etc.).

In off-shore projects, GEOCISA has extensive experience in in situ piling from pontoons; in driving steel tubular piles; carrying out stone columns, both surface and bottom-fed; installation of wick drains to consolidate the sea bed, etc. The company has all the necessary equipment to operate from pontoons and carry out these types of works.

GEOCISA can study particular situations and offer alternative design solutions with our specialised geotechnical technical department.