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The construction of large infrastructures requires exhaustive knowledge of the ground at the site and in the surrounding area. The first step is a geotechnical analysis that should accurately reflect the ground conditions of the site. Depending on the ground conditions, different types of solutions will be chosen by experienced design experts. Finally, the construction is carried out by companies that specialise in geotechnical works.

GEOCISA, a company that specialises in geotechnical engineering and construction, has teams of highly qualified and experienced experts who possess all the required skills for these types of projects. We offer our expertise and knowledge to our Clients in the design phase, with a commitment to finding the most appropriate solution at any stage of the construction process.

Starting with our engineering team in carrying out the ground investigation; to the analysis and optimisation in the design phase, selecting the best solutions; our technical commitment in this phase allows our construction knowledge to be incorporated into the design, identifying the advantages and limitations of the techniques to be used.

GEOCISA is a leading company in the construction of geotechnical works, and as part of its initiative to provide our clients with global solutions to their needs, is able to carry out the parts of the project that we specialise in, ensuring we meet the design requirements and guaranteeing that the project is a success.

GEOCISA’s goal is to provide an integral solution to our clients’ geotechnical problems, taking an active part in all facets of the project (design, control and construction), and providing the highest quality products based on reliable, appropriate and cost-effective solutions.