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Anchors, soil nails and rock bolts


An anchor is a system used to transfer tensile loads to the ground. Depending on the design life of the anchor, it is classed as either a temporary or a permanent anchor. Permanent anchors usually have double corrosion protection. Ground anchors are always active, i.e. once injected and the grout has set, they are stressed up to the required load.

Soil nails and rock bolts are bar anchors that are normally passive, although they can be active, or be prestressed with a small load. The tendon is a steel or fibre rod which is usually injected with cement grout or resin, and may also have double corrosion protection. They are often used to stabilise slopes, tunnels, walls, etc.

GEOCISA has more than 40 years of experience in works of this kind, in terms of both design and construction, and uses a broad range of drilling equipment to deal with any situation as it arises. We also have drilling arms that can be fitted to backhoes for situations where other methods cannot be used for access reasons.