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Optimising space, achieving suitable alignments of roads and railways, or safety within an inhabited environment are, among many other situations, scenarios that often challenge the effect of gravity when it comes to construction, requiring feasible ground support systems.

GEOCISA specialises in systems of this kind, and always provides the most up to date solutions adapted to each particular situation. We ensure we are using the best technology available to make any project feasible. For that reason, we have developed our own rigs and equipment with which is to carry out high-capacity active ground support elements without the need for temporary working platforms.

At GEOCISA, a benchmark company when it comes to ground support systems, we provide our clients with the full technical capabilities of our ENGINEERING department, by ensuring the optimum solution is always found for any situation.

GEOCISA’s goal is to provide an integral solution to our clients’ needs in the field of ground support systems, taking an active part in all facets of the project (design, control and construction), and providing the highest quality products based on reliable, appropriate and cost-effective solutions.