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Vibro compaction


Vibro compaction is the name given to the range of techniques used to improve soils by compaction using a vibrator inserted deep into the ground. GEOCISA is one of the most experienced companies in Spain in this technique, in terms of both design and construction, having worked on projects both on land and off shore.

The different vibro compaction techniques can be divided into the following types:


GEOCISA has carried out many works of this kind, and has carried out more off-shore works than any other Spanish company, using both surface-fed and bottom-fed vibro-compactors.

Stone columns, with added gravel, are usually used when the soil has a fines content greater than 12-15%. If the fines content is lower, then vibroflotation is used. In vibroflotation, the void generated by the vibrator causes the ground to collapse, due to the lack of fines, compacting the ground. A crater shaped surface settlement is produced, which normally needs to be filled for final levelling. The fill material may be the actual sand itself, or sand may be brought on to site.