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Jet Grouting


GEOCISA has extensive experience in this technique, as it was one of the pioneering companies in its use in Spain in the 1980s.

Jet grouting involves inserting a cement bond material (usually cement grout) using one or more high-speed jet pumps. The energy from the jets break up the ground and restructure it, mixing it with the injected material to produce an improved ground. Any surplus material rises to the surface as spoil return.

GEOCISA uses equipment for conventional jet-1 (single fluid), jet-2 (double fluid) and jet-3 (triple fluid) techniques, as well as state-of-the-art equipment (pumps and grout production plants), with 600 kW pumps which give higher pressures and flow rates. The jet grouting techniques associated with high-performance equipment of these characteristics are called as follows:

  • Super jet: double-fluid technique (grout + air) carried out with high-power equipment.
  • Mega jet: triple-fluid technique (water + grout + air) carried out with high-power equipment..

GEOCISA uses its own monitoring system for recording drilling and grouting parameters.