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Soil grouting


Soil grouting can be defined as the process of controlled injection of material into the ground, where the material stiffens to improve the physical characteristics of the ground for geotechnical engineering reasons. The purpose of grouting may be:

  • Improving the soil’s strength properties..
  • Reducing permeability.
  • Filling of voids and cavities.
  • Water-tightening of structures.

GEOCISA has more than 40 years of experience in grouting works, and is one the country’s pioneering companies, with extensive experience in this field, in terms of both design and construction.

Grouting works can usually be divided into:

  • Permeation grouting: there is no break-up of the ground. Highly penetrating mixtures are used, mainly to reduce ground permeability.
  • Compaction grouting (displacement grouting): highly viscous mixtures are injected, causing compression and the temporary movement of weak ground.
  • Hydrofracture grouting: used for consolidation grouting, settlement compensating for slumps, and reinforced grouting. Often performed with sleeve piping.

GEOCISA uses instrumentation of its own design to control the various parameters involved.