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From its beginnings Laboratory of Radiochemistry of GEOCISA has been oriented to Environmental Radiation Monitoring Programs, withover 35 years’ experience in measurements and radiochemical testing in environmental samples (water, soil , air, food , vegetation , animals ) .

Due to the new phases in the life cycles of power nuclear plant, other challenges arise in radiochemical determinations: new test matrices and new isotopes not previously determined.

Laboratory of Radiochemistry of GEOCISA involved from the beginning in the first Project Decommissioning of a Spanish nuclear power plant , the CN Vandellós I.

On the other hand, the Technical Unit of Radiation Protection (UTPR) of GEOCISA has adapted to needs of nuclear facilities. Currently carrying out two main activities:Surveillance Programs impacted sites, Projects Liberation sites.

Moreover, since 2010 Radiochemistry Laboratory is included for the Nuclear Safety Council authorization in Internal Personal Dosimetry Service of TECNATOM, performing analytical measurements ” in vitro ” in biological samples to detect contamination by incorporating alpha or betaemitters.

Currently, Radiochemistry Laboratory and UTPR of GEOCISA have incorporated the NORM studies (“Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials”) to their activities due to their extensive experience in the field of natural radioactivity measurements.