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Surveillance and control of works


Since the company’s beginnings, GEOCISA has been constant in its quality control and technical assistance activities. These aspects are carried out mainly within the field of civil engineering, using permanent on-site units set up for this purpose. GEOCISA has mobile quality control laboratories that are fully equipped to run accurate control tests to supervise the correct execution of the works involved in a project.

Assistance and monitoring are in place at each stage of the works, by contrasting levels of quality in both qualitative and quantitative terms, which ensures quick reactions and allows any discrepancies to be resolved quickly within the framework of the project being executed.

In all these cases, we have the specialist support of the GEOCISA Technical Services and Central Laboratories, which complement the teams on site in aspects which due to their high degree of specialisation cannot be dealt with at a local level alone.

The functions carried out by GEOCISA technical services units and on-site laboratories include the following:

  • Technical assistance
  •  On infrastructure construction.

     On infrastructure conservation and operation.

  • On-site quality control
  •  Drawing up and implementing quality plans.

     Installing on-site laboratories.