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Infrastructures management


The Infrastructure Management and Maintenance Division performs various activities for the management of road infrastructures. The activities can be subdivided into the following business areas:

• Road Management
  o Road Condition Survey. A variety of inspection vehicles is used to determine the condition of the pavement and to monitor the in-time evolution in order to detect and resolve any structural or functional deficiencies that become evident.
  o Asset inventory. Our Division has three instrumented vehicles available which record and analyze the physical and geometrical properties of the road, with information of all road assets and with the added value of high resolution panoramic right-of-way images and reverse angle images.
  o Road Safety. Studies and Road Network Safety plans are performed as well as the analysis of “black spots” or road section with high accident concentration.

• Bridge Management. This service offers inventory and inspection of civil engineering structures to obtain information on their condition. Bridges, overpasses and underpasses and culverts are included in the system, which combines the properties of a database with the prediction of the required maintenance actions which keep the structures in optimal conditions of safety.

These activities are supported by software applications developed by or own team of engineers, that allow our clients to visualize, consult and update the database of all these activities.