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The engineering department includes the following three divisions:

• Geotehcnics and Applied Geology
• Environmental Protection
• Hydrogeology

The activities of these three divisions enable the engineering department to give technical support to GEOCISA’s works and to work also for external government and private clients. Because of this double activity the members of the engineering department have achieved an incomparable degree of knowledge, which is higher than the one that can normally be found in traditional engineering companies. In fact, the members of this department, who have a strong technical background, face up the different geotechnical, geological, environmental and hydrogeological projects not only from the technical point of view but also considering the experience they acquired through their previous involvement in the execution and control of the majority of the solutions proposed by them.

The vast number of studies, technical reports, monitoring reports, execution and results control that have been carried out since 1968 for both new and existing structures, give support to what is said in the previous paragraph. The engineering department carries out its jobs basically with its own human resources and applying methods that have mainly been in house developed.

Based on the above mentioned factors, it can be stated that GEOCISA offers a unique service in the field of the geotechnical, geological, environmental and hydrogeological engineering. Such a service allows, in the majority of the cases, the proposal of the most competitive solutions to the problems that can come up in the referred fields.