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Restoration and rehabilitation


Our cultural heritage, the strongest bond to our history, represents a true reflection of the singular identity of a community, being revealed as our ancestors’ key legacy. Nowadays we are more conscious than ever of the need of preserving its intangible value, and working to preserve it as heritage for our descendants is essential.

On another level, the environmental, cultural, social and economic benefits that continuously supporting buildings and infrastructures represents for a community, open a wide range of needs that have to be attended by means of technical knowledge and corroborated individual training.

With an experience of more than 20 years in the Restoration and Rehabilitation sector, GEOCISA offers a cross-functional and specialized team of technicians and professionals, capable of responding all of these needs. By means of consultancy and assistance services, or by directly carrying out consolidation, restitution, rehabilitation and maintenance works,self-demanding is GEOCISA’s principal business policy, and our clients’ satisfaction is our main value and the highest recognition we can achieve.