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Compliance GEOCISA implements a Criminal-Compliance and Anti-bribery Management System, certified under the standards UNE 19601 and UNE-ISO 37001, the action principles of which are defined in the company’s Code of Conduct, Criminal Risk Prevention Policy and Anti-corruption Policy. The Code of Conduct sets out the company’s commitment towards enforcing principles of business ethics that must apply to all areas of the company’s activities, establishing them, as well as guidelines for conduct to ensure that everybody to whom it applies behaves ethically and responsibly. GEOCISA, through its Criminal Risk Prevention Policy, confirms its firm undertaking to watch for and sanction any illicit conduct (whether criminal in nature or otherwise unacceptable) and to maintain communication and awareness-building mechanisms with a view to fostering an ethical business culture in full compliance with the law. Through its Anti-corruption Policy, GEOCISA has also established a regulatory framework to prevent and detect any corruption or bribery in the company’s operations, while fostering full compliance with legality in this matter.
The Dragados Group has an Ethical Channel to enable any employees who are aware of any breach of the Code or Regulations, or any illicit act committed by the Company,to report it to the Company, safe in the knowledge that they will suffer no reprisals.Employees with knowledge of any alleged breach should report it to canaletico@dragados.com.This channel is both a channel for reporting breaches of the rules contained in the Code of Conduct and a medium for resolving any queries regarding its application