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Technological Developments

GEOCISA has always considered Research & Innovation as an essential part of its development and our unique ‘Technological Developments Division’ sets us apart from the competition.

linea_gris_horizontal The division has design, development and manufacturing capabilities and works within electronic engineering, automation, software development, instrumentation and mechanical and control engineering. Its activities include:

  • Instrumentation of equipment and machinery for process monitoring and control (performance parameter recorders for machinery, injection process control systems, forging process monitoring systems).
  • Participation in R&D and innovation projects.
  • Development and supply of measurement equipment for inspection and auscultation (radiometric measurements, road auscultation vehicles, drilling path measurement equipment, structure monitoring equipment).



Within the Technological Developments Division, GEOCISA also has an in-house Metrology service for the verification and calibration of equipment (certified by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) for mass, dimension, temperature, moisture, pressure and vacuum, force and flow rate)