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Parameters included in the inventory


Image captured from the vehicle
The frontal image is captured by means of three cameras located on the front of the vehicle. In post-processing, these images are merged, resulting in a panoramic image of a 130º viewing angle (Panoramic Format). The rear image (Standard Format) is taken using a camera located on left rear of the vehicle for capturing images in opposite direction to which the vehicle is moving. The cameras used are high-definition digital cameras.

· Environment-related characteristics
Type of terrain
Curbs, culverts and sidewalks
Median strips
· Road geometry
Radius of Curvature
Longitudinal slopes
Lane widths, berms, carriageway and platform width
Geographic coordinates
Road equipment
Road markings
Vertical signposting
Variable message panels
Retaining systems
Service and parking areas, conservation and operation centres
· Special points and incidences
Overpasses and underpasses
Connector roads and intersections
Railway crossings