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Construction product quality


In its most basic formulation, quality basically consists of a specification of the product or service and compliance with that specification in the process of manufacture or provision. Both aspects determine the quality, as a poorly specified product cannot have quality. To that end, final tests need to be run before works are put into service, particularly in installations, which guarantee final compliance of the finished product.

GEOCISA conducts systematic inspections of the final product to ensure the project’s initial specifications and all applicable regulatory standards are met.

These inspections can be for:
• Structural load tests.
• Tests on the watertightness of facades and roofs.
• Adherence tests between finishing materials.
• Measuring thicknesses of insulation and protective elements.
• Insitu testing of railings and facade walls
• Tests on insulation, heating and air-conditioning systems, piping insulation and protection for materials.
• Watertightness and capacity testing in hydraulic networks, pipelines, conduits, etc.
• Acceptance testing on electrical installations, sanitation, climate control, solar power, etc.
• Measuring noise and vibrations: checking noise insulation, measuring noise levels in works and vibrations.