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Materials are required to withstand hard usage conditions. To that end, strict and regular testing is needed.

This includes that various mechanical, technological, physical and chemical tests that industrial materials can be subjected to are of great technical importance, due to the information they can provide and the repercussions this can have on the methods used to manufactured the product.

The GEOCISA laboratories are fully equipped with the most advanced means available to run the most widely used tests to ensure the quality of the materials used.


• Reinforced concrete and its components: concrete, self-compacting concrete, aggregates, cement, water, additives, passive reinforcement in rebars or rolls of weldable corrugated steel, electrowelded wire meshes of corrugated rebars or corrugated weldable steel wire, steel cables for prestressed reinforced concrete.
• Soil mechanics: Soils, graded aggregate, cement treated bases.
• Roads: Bituminous mixtures, tack coats, aggregates, fillers, bitumen, recycled materials.
• Ceramic materials: Tiles, bricks.
• Signage and barrier systems: Traffic signals, safety barriers, road markings, paintwork.
• Pipes: concrete, metal, plastic.
• Ballast: Ballast and sub-ballast.
• Steels: Corrugated, sheet, rails.
• Mortars for brickwork and rendering/plastering, baked clay pieces, glass, concrete pieces, ceramic pieces, natural stone, grouting, gypsums, plasters, woodwork
• Structural wood: sawn wood, boards, laminated timber
• Insulation materials, waterproofing, geotextiles, neoprene.
• Road marking and equipment: paintwork, heat-shaped thermoplastics, cold thermoplastics, ready-made road markings and microspheres, signs, beacon elements and reflex retro-reflectors.