Los Llanos de Jerez, 10 y 12 / 28823 Coslada (Madrid) Tel: (+34) 916603000


Since its beginnings, GEOCISA has developed laboratory services aimed at monitoring the quality of materials in all stages of the construction process. To guarantee this quality of materials before they are used and during the course of a project, GEOCISA monitors materials by taking samples, running appraisal tests, physical and mechanical tests, chemical tests and on-site tests, using all necessary accreditation required for such activities.

Our central laboratory is in Coslada (Madrid). We also have permanent laboratories in Valencia, Zaragoza and Seville.

To monitor particularly large or more unusual works (ports, major roads, high-speed rail, airports and major buildings), there are currently seven mobile quality control laboratories for materials in operation, which means we can deal with works more efficiently.

GEOCISA is registered with the CTE General Registry with number MAD-L-007, and has issued its statement of responsibility as provided for in Royal Decree 410/2010, before Region of Madrid

Similarly, it is an laboratory accredited by the Region of Madrid in the following areas:

  • Testing of concrete and its components, and reinforced concrete structures
  • Testing of structural steel profiles
  • Testing of welding of structural steel elements (structural analysis projects)
  • Geotechnical testing laboratory
  • Boring, sampling and testing in situ for geotechnical surveys (geotechnical testing centre)
  • Soils, aggregates, bituminous mixtures and constituent materials for roads
  • Brickwork:
    • Ceramic brick materials
    • Concrete block materials
    • Ceramic roof materials
    • Concrete roof materials
    • Ceramic paving materials
    • Concrete paving materials
    • Brickwork mortars