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Bridge Management


Structures do not remain unaltered over the course of time, their condition of conservation evolves constantly. Suitable management is therefore crucial to facilitating their maintenance, repair and rehabilitation. To make this possible, it is necessary to:

• Know the assets:
To have a record of the location, geometric, functional and structural characteristics.
• Manage their conservation:
Set up a schedule of inspections which will facilitate the data for knowing the condition of the structures. Objectively quantify the level of functionality and safety of each structure.
Availability of intervention criteria.

To facilitate these tasks, a specific computer tool then becomes necessary to make fast, optimum management of the maintenance of the structures possible.
A Bridge Management System makes it possible to predict and plan the measures necessary for appropriately conserving bridges based on the information collected, in line with the strategy set out and the resources available.


The inventory includes the location, typologies, dimensions, functionalities, members and materials, photographs and documentation currently in existence.

During the Main Inspections, a systematic assessment is made of the deterioration of the different elements of the structure, for which purpose a catalogue of possible types of deterioration has been prepared, also including their probable causes and the criteria to apply for determining the importance of the damage detected, which will aid the personnel in charge of performing the Main Inspection to unequivocally characterize the deterioration detected.
The Bridge Management System makes it possible to estimate the condition of conservation of the structure and of each one of its elements. This quantification enables knowing the evolution of the condition of conservation of the structure.
The Bridge Management System also includes the following additional modules:
• GIS module
• Routine inspections module
• Special inspections module
• Course inspections module
• Regular main inspections recommendation module
• Module for monitoring the evolution of the condition of conservation of the structures
• Incident alert module
• Routes module
• Signalling structures module (highway gantries)
• Web Publication of data

Economic Planning & Control
Calculating, for each of the cases of deterioration detected, the most appropriate repairs and their cost, considering the extent of the damage and the circumstances of accessibility in which the repair must be made.
This module consists of databases of updatable prices and also makes it possible to set priorities for repairs and plans for action.
Similarly, it is possible to store the measures taken and investments made in each structure for the purpose of knowing the measures carried out, including costs, time frames, etc.

Document Managementl
It is important to underline the importance of the documentation of all information being well managed, in other words, the organized storage within a database of all the existing documents of each of the structures and the possibility of retrieving directly via the Management System.