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Special Inspections


Unlike the aforementioned inspections, the Special Inspections are not conducted systematically or regularly, but rather arise generally as a result of the damage detected on a Main Inspection or, exceptionally, as a result of a singular situation (i.e. vehicle crashes, damage from flash flooding or any other natural disaster, etc.). These Special Inspections necessarily entail the presence of engineers and special equipment.

In addition to conducting a visual examination, characterization tests and supplementary measurements are needed in Special Inspections. This level of investigation requires a plan prior to the inspection, detailing and assessing the aspects to be studied, as well as the techniques and means to be employed.

In general, the result of a special inspection is a report on the characterization and assessment of the damages and/or a repair plan.

Some examples of specific inspections are:

• Geotechnical soil analysis with taking of samples
• Assessment of the resistance of the concrete by means of taking test samples
• Sclerometer tests
• Salts maps
• Ultrasound tests
• Assessment of the characteristics of the steel by means of traction tests
• Determining the situation of the reinforcement bars by means of electromagnetic systems
• Electrical potential measurements for determining the corrosion-related condition of the reinforcements
• Chemical analysis of the concrete to detect possible causes of attacks on the cement paste or the aggregates
• Chloride content in the concrete which may have possibly favoured the corrosion of the reinforcements
• Determination of the carbonatation depth
• Analysis of welds by means of penetrating liquids or gammagraphy
• Etc.