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GEFIREX Pavement Expert Management


One of the main challenges road network managers are facing is that of assigning resources for performing the maintenance and conservation work at the right point in time.
Good road management entails anticipating, ahead of time, those places where action has to be taken as opposed to taking action depending on what is already in plain sight when pavement deteriorations such as cracking have already occurred.

In short, this approach affords the possibility of carrying out a policy based on small maintenance actions just-in-time, resulting in maintaining the road’s functional capacity and its economic value within acceptable levels preventing progressive damage of the road network and a dramatic loss of its value.

This program starts out from condition-related parameters defining the condition of the road surface and models of evolution which, in terms of the road surface structure, the rainfall in the area and the predictions of traffic, make it possible to know how these parameters will evolve over the course of the years to come.
The user can define the thresholds of these parameters which establish the condition in which the road is wanted to be maintained and, depending on this data, the measures to be carried out on each segment of the road and the year in which they must be carried out are calculated.

GEFIREX affords the possibility of setting some annual budgets for the years in which the study is done, the program thus readjusting measures, scheduling them earlier or later depending on the budgets entered.

GEFIREX facilitates the generation of reports with the results of the study and can also be connected to a Geographic Information System (GIS) for obtaining graphic outputs on a suitable mapping.