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The prime objective of the DANTE project is the study of the characteristics of intersections and development of new technologies for improving integrated road safety.

This projects is aimed at the development of new integrated systems of intersection design and management for the purpose of reducing both the probability of accidents and the degree of severity by means of intelligent management systems adapted to the intersection environment which take into account the influence of the human factor, considering the individual aspects of the different types of road users.

Some of the most outstanding major research topics involved in this project are:

  • Analysis of the influence of the Human Factor in the conflicts at intersections for the integration of this Factor into the safety-related aspects in the intersection design, construction and management stages.
  • Real-time monitoring of the traffic and the possible conflicts at intersections, improving the detection under adverse weather conditions and during night-time hours by employing new technologies and sensors (computer vision, smart cameras, etc.)
  • Development of new technologies for the automatic, objective assessment of the condition of the infrastructure at intersections from the user-related standpoint, placing special focus on the human factor: perception, legibility, visibility, condition of the road markings and roadside signs, variable message panels, etc.
  • Preparation of criteria for taking action in relation to highway safety at intersections regarding both the primary (preventive), secondary (passive) and tertiary (after the accident) safety-related aspects.
  • Development of recommendations for the improvement of the road equipment at intersections, taking into account the ratio between its cost and the return which they may provide in terms of reducing the number of accidents and their degree of seriousness.