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OASIS “Operación de Autopistas Seguras Inteligentes y Sostenibles” (Operation of Safe, Smart, Sustainable Highways) is the largest Spanish research project ever carried out in the field of highways in search of a paradigm of quality in the road transportation infrastructures of the future.

This Project, which has been carried out over a four-year period, has been funded via the CENIT program of the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTi) operating under the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and has been promoted and carried out by an important consortium of the leading companies in the industry, such as Iridium Concesiones, Abertis, OHL Concesiones, Dragados, OHL, SICE, INDRA, GMV and GEOCISA.

Apart from the continuing improvement and adaptation of the roadway pavement management systems to the new technologies and computer science enhancements, the OASIS project marked a technological leap forward in quality for the future of Pavement Management, which was developed within a work package under the title of “Methods and Tools for the Dynamic Management of Pavements”. In this work package, coordinated by GEOCISA and with a budget of nearly 3 million euros, the step has been taken from “Pavement Management” as it is currently known, to “Dynamic (real-time) Pavement Management”.

The main objective of this research was: A system making it possible for highway managers to know the condition of the pavement and the environment in real time with regard to how drivers may be affected, the repair and maintenance measures and the residual life of the infrastructure.
Some of the most outstanding of the results applicable to practice today are the new tools developed which provide additional information continuously on the condition of the pavement and the methods for interpreting and using the data obtained. For this purpose, sensors are embedded in the pavement to monitor the structural health conditions. Other parameters are obtained from vehicles.

The OASIS project work package “Methods and Tools for Dynamic Pavement Management” reveals that the technology necessary for developing real-time monitoring systems of the main relevant indicators for the management of highway conservation is now available. With the continued use over the years to come of the systems installed and developed, it is expected to confirm the reliability and added value of these systems for the purpose of significantly contributing to the Operation of Safe, Smart, Sustainable Highways.

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