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In November 2009, a European project was promoted co-funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program under the name “SKIDSAFE”: “Enhanced Driver Safety due to Improved Skid Resistance”. The consortium, coordinated by the University of Delft (Netherlands) was composed of IFSTTAR (France), Ooms Nederland Holding bv (Netherlands), Aggregate Industries (United Kingdom), the University of Athens (Greece) and GEOCISA.

The main objective of SKIDSAFE was the development of a micro-mechanical, multi-physics computational tool for the prediction of the progressive loss of skid resistance in the dry and wet pavement-tire area of contact as a function of the composition of the asphalt, the traffic conditions and the weather conditions to which they are subjected.

The GEOCISA Infrastructure Management Service is contributing to the development of the aforementioned models via an intensive campaign of measurements taken in the field concerning the skid resistance of pavements and measurements taken in the laboratory of the surface characteristics of bituminous mixtures. These measurements are taken with two objectives: Firstly, the characterization of the seasonal variation in the measurements and, secondly, for the calibration of the numerical models developed by the University of Delft.