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Road Asset Inventory


The need of knowing the actual condition of a Highway Network, both for day-to-day maintenance work and for drafting specific, extraordinary plans makes an inventory of all road assets entailing clear, accurate information on the different parameters an inventory of all road assets. The information on the characteristics of the infrastructure must be objective, readily obtainable, up to date and updatable, fast and easy to retrieve and provided on diversified media allowing for aggregation, adaptability to other systems and sources of information to comprise a well- structured database. It is on the aforementioned basis that the graphic image-based RoadAsset Inventory is based, being synchronized with the field data captured automatically and manually, generating a Visual Database making it possible to easily handle the information collected. GEOCISA is one of the companies possessing the greatest experience in the field of the visual inventory of road geometric characteristics and equipment. For more than twenty years, inventories of this type have been carried out for the Central Government Administration (1985-87, 1992-95 and 2005-07) and for different Autonomous Community Administrations and County Councils, as well as for Road Conservation Companies and Highway Concessionaires.


DATA COLLECTION SYSTEM (GMV) The capture of the geometric parameters and of the road images is done automatically by means of the Geometric Measurements Vehicle (GMV), outfitted with all of the measuring instruments and equipment necessary for capturing these parameters and images.

Parameters included in the inventory