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Characterization of industrial spills

Apart for conducting the waste characterization analyses inherent to the waste control law, the GEOCISA Environmental Testing Laboratory provides its clients with advisory concerning everything having to do with the subjects of:

  • Processing of discharge authorizations: completing the application documents and characterization of spills final dumping (simple and composite samples)
  • Compliance with discharge authorizations : self-inspection checks which include:
  • Sampling (using autosamplers))
  • Flow rate measurement (using flowmeters))
  • In-situ analysis (using standalone, portable equipment))
  • Continuous in-situ measurement of specific parameters using multi-parameter probe
  • Laboratory analysis of the parameters inherent to each permit

The laboratory has been awarded the National Accreditation Agency ENAC (No. LE/344) accreditation adhering to UNE-EN-ISO 17025 for wastewater. The laboratory is also an entity collaborating with the National Water Management Bureau, Collaborating Entity No. EC 135/1 and 2.