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In combination with the experience acquired in the field of environmental engineering, in testing laboratories and environmental analysis, GEOCISA also has extensive experience in the field of remediation and recovery of contaminated soils, techniques to treat or manage waste, and the environmental reintegration of sites that have become degraded or that need remediation.

With regard to the types of treatments applied to contaminated soils, GEOCISA has experience in the most common and also the most modern techniques, whether they be physical-chemical, biological or thermal, both in situ and off site.

The company has the right equipment to deal with each need for remediation, using modern technology, such as the mobile thermal desorption plant, successfully used in particular decontamination situations with a high volume of earth to be treated.

With regard to waste management, GEOCISA has been involved in several projects to seal and close off land fill sites using the covering method, as well as the transfer, degassing, stabilisation and isolation of waste. We also have experience in new or active waste disposal facilities, intervening in environmental protection, correction or integration, such as building new waste deposit facilities, retaining dykes, control networks, etc.

As well as the environmental remediation for remediation of degraded sites, we also have experience in environmental improvement and regeneration works by means of a range of techniques, such as reforestation.