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Radiochemical Tests and Analyses


The GEOCISA radiochemistry laboratory has 35 years of experience in running radiochemical tests and analyses and 20 years of experience in running environmental matrices for water, soil, air, nutrients, vegetation, and animals. As the years have passed, new demands have arisen in the field of radiation characterisation that require radiochemical testing in new matrices.

For example, the GEOCISA radiochemistry laboratory has been involved from the outset in the first nuclear dismantling project, at the ‘Vandellos 1’ facility.

In 1995, we began gathering and measuring samples in situ and running preliminary characterisation projects. Since then, the laboratory has had a crucial role in dismantling, quality control and declassification processes and pioneered the use of specific equipment for different types of waste (including metals, resins, concrete, fibreglass, etc.)

Currently Geocisa also analyses materials from the nuclear power plants that are in operation. Experience in this field has allowed the laboratory to optimise its efficiency and reduce implementation times significantly.