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Technical support staff in nuclear facilities

Since 1992, GEOCISA has had a firm presence at a storage centre for low/medium level radioactive waste in Cabril (Córdoba). Here, GEOCISA helped to develop the ‘quality check’ laboratory.

The purpose of the laboratory was to ensure compliance with the storage targets set for waste of this nature. Geocisa’s role involved isolating the waste from the environment and limiting the level of activity on the surface.

These duties essentially involve the physicochemical and mechanical characterisation of packages, before they are accepted and a series of subsequent checks to ensure compliance with the criteria for the identification, suitability and limitation of activity. As well as ‘in-house’ staff, based at the facility, there is also a technical advice and permanent training service that operates from the central laboratory in Madrid.

These teams are kept up to date on the analytical methods and measuring techniques used in all areas. The quality check laboratory ensures that all of our staff rigorously observes the professional requirements for exposure to ionising radiation.